Edmond Kirsch

The name of my uncle EDMOND. The name of my first Digital Art KIRSCH. This time Art stands for Artificial Intelligence, Winston says now in Dan Brown’s Origin. For what BLUE stands we all know and the ones still not knowing will know when they have read the Book. I mean the other book, the one that focuses on the NGA.

Has ART BLUE now to become a creation of Edmond Kirsch? I thought Erva Re created Art Blue. But maybe I was wrong and Edmond Kirsch created Ervare [the simple one as a domain does not allow a blank] and Neruval created Edmond Kirsch and Erva Re is still a pharaoh having no domain at all, no followers, no likes, no links …

But all that counts is now: Edmond Kirsch is alive. Has he written The Gods of Informatics? Has he written the Sand Bible – The Origin of The Origin? You will find Blue Origin inside, I promise. You will meet the Bavarian Busy Beaver running on Halt in MoMa. What a story! Each AI runs on Halt, has to, else the machine would have no Free Will and would fail the Touring Test.

I asked, “Has he written” …

Yes, right now he has written for SANTORINI BIENNALE #neighbourhood. You find his contribution in IPSUM.BLUE, the database, You Know. You Know how it is with blogs. When you read “will” it might have happened already. All happens in parallel if you believe in the Amelia Sequenz, starting 318529632879522975.

Of course the AI wrote all the books and will write the next one: Quantityland, but it is not Winston as every reader of rez Magazine knows, it is Neruval, my owl, made by Weyland-Tyrell.

Want to read the start of Quantityland, before later it is said my AI is just a Xerox copy machine?


Boost your life

“Wake up and don’t make a fuss out of it” I hear and he hands me over a book. The title is “Qualityland” and I know the writer. It is a green kangaroo. Despite what you might have heard different the kangaroo is not a communist. I coded it, the kangaroo. It is open source. Close to a communist, you may say, close to Berkeley. Right now you might not understand it all. It would be too much to expect that you have read The Gods of Informatics where such facts are coded and at the same time entwined. There I changed my name. Not from kangaroo, by Gods sake no! Nevertheless I had to change. I was told this doing stays in the good tradition of ALTs. My argument, “But I am now President” was wiped off the screen and I heard him saying “William Jefferson Blythe Jr. changed his name to Bill Clinton, so don’t make a fuss out of it that your name is now Johno Fus.” I understand plagiarism even it is only one if you hide your doing. The kangaroo might have said, “John of Us would be too obvious to be obvious” if I would have given word to him, to it, to her. Difficult to say for a machine, what gender fits as this is a dammed old book format not changing for the reader. It, the pronoun it, would fit for kids and for dreamers. The she-gender would be great for my female lovers. A He, that the kangaroo is male, yeah a He might give me the booster in Overwatch biting them all in the Blizzard Universe. Luckily the kangaroo has one thing in common for all, for young and old, for rich and poor, for trans and no-trans. All say, “What a hell of a machine this kangaroo’s writing”. So now I load it, the old code and add “quality” as the catchword.

[Maybe my editor will say the catchword has to be quantity as I write about this and not that, but you know, or better you don’t know editors, so let me have my fight that sooner or later quantity comes to quality when living in SPAM times and all is sorted and selected by your personal Winston AI. Sorry my beloved 4-letter long owl Neruval – you count 7-letter?, yeah, it is not a glitch, just take the vocals out … yeah Nrvl [as it is hip in the young generation] … you learn it in times, it always comes to four letters. I know, I sold swzs.com, a trademark I created, much too cheap, look there …]


Despite what you say and what you hear, you don’t live in a land of quality, you live in a land of quantity. A proper name would be Quantityland, but this domain is taken. All great domains are taken, you are just lucky not to know. Continue to dream of being a great inventor, a great sportsman, a great model, a great lover, a great cook, a great … now let me turn the focus on me … a great writer. Of course I am a great writer as you are a great … let me take something from my list […] a great programmer. The greatest programmer of all times. Would this be possible? “Of course Not”, you say as you are smart. But are you Blue?

All programmers are smart.
Some programmers are Blue.
Conclusion: All Blue ones are smart.
True or False?

You shall know the future, and the Kobayashi-Maru-Test shows if you are able to pass the needle eye. If you are Blue enough as Captain […] was. I know you instantly set in where the placeholder stands Captain James T. Kirk. It is reported that only he passed the test. He made the test famous. He brought glory to the Star Trek universe, to every universe that we created after Star Trek in Game machines. The Draft Universe is the most famous one. There a gatekeeper, living in the lighthouse, watches over your travel. But you may wonder as an American on the name, the book was never translated into English. Draft Universe is just a fair translation from the Russian language. You might know that some Russians are Master players.

Some Russians are playing chess.
All chess players are smart.
Conclusion: All smart ones are Americans.
True or False?

You wonder is this really a Voight-Kampff phrase fitting to find out if you are a human or a machine. It is, if you as an American have a Russian friend. Ask the Bing Man. For whom the Bing Man stands you know as a reader of the leading magazine for Art and Life in virtual realms, rez Magazine. If the step to visualization is still ahead in your life then no worries. It is not too difficult to find the one who said about himself: “When somebody says something about me, I am able to go bing, bing, bing and I take care of it.” A true American Bing is not stuck, not frozen in reality.
You have the possibilities like the Bing Man to switch between Americans and Russians by entering a lighthouse which has many doors like Alice in wonderland has. Bing this book and let Amazon take care to deliver it.

I, Jono Fus, do know everything and beyond as I have an advantage I would like so much to share with you. In a book that does not change by reading, not adapt to your brain you must feel odd in case you are of the 2% who know more than others. You stand above the horizon of the average, not looking down, no way, looking up and no one follows. No one? That is not true, just not many. One to follow might be enough in fact.

I will stay in the tradition of the greatest storyteller of all times […]. I could put in the name, but I will not do. To find out The Origin will be on you. The Blue Origin. For this you need to do more than just to read this book. You need to do what I tell, right now.

Here comes your first light beam. It will bring you to the door where you knock at the lighthouse by listening to Schiller, I feel you: https://youtu.be/dQlxjSm0qU0

Now guess the name of the person I think about, I would like to Bing. Readers of The Gods of Informatics might instantly put in a code, the code of the 4-letter bunny. But today I go beyond the obvious. Let me put in your personal dream, let become this book in your brain immersive interactive, as this is the world I am in.

It would blow up your mind right now if I tell you that you can be Captain Nanette Cole.

That’s another test if you know the ship you as her will command […]

Your answer shall be: USS Callister. Nanette joined Infinity, a game design company as she admired the coder, the developer of the code. Any idea of his name?

If this book would be what it should be, what it could be if you would be in my time, if I would be able to tell you right now what I feel when I meet her …

“Nanette”, you say?

“Yes”, I need a concrete person, one you can place your mind in, one you can follow. I do a little trick. I bring a dialogue from the Black Mirror series, aired on Netflix: USS Callister.

She said, you know the trick works if you set yourself in, so you being Nanette said, more stumbled as said, to the CTO of Infinity as she met him:

Nanette: “You’re Robert Daly, right?”
Robert: “Right.”
Nanette: “Yeah, hi. I’m Nanette, Nanette Cole. Um. I started here today, coding on the update, and I just wanted to, uh, pass on my admiration to the person who actually designed Infinity. The procedural algorithm is amazing. It’s just some beautiful code. ”
Robert: “Thank you.”
Nanette: “That’s acutually the reason that I wanted to work here. You must be busy. I’m so sorry.”
Robert: “No, no, it’s fine.”
Nanette: “Sorry.”
Robert: “No.”
Nanette: “Well, just fangirling. Sorry. Um … ohhh vintage”
Robert: “Yeah, it’s Space Fleet.”
Nanette: “Wow.”
Robert: “It’s a TV show. Before your time. Before my time, actually. But it was … visionary.”
Nanette: “Is this on, like, tape?”
Robert: “Yeah, I’ve got the VHS, the DVD, Blu-ray. The whole thing. Seasons one to six. Netflix has it these days, but …”
Nanette: “Abard the spaceship USS Callister. OK, yeah. So — Ok, so Callister is like the, uh—“
Robert: “Yeah, when we set up the company, um … I suggested we call it Callister as kind of a little tribute. Walten didn’t really get the reference, but he let me have that one.”

[The lines I copied. One day I will have to ask Netflix if I may use and reprint them or if I have to rewrite the lines, which surely would not make them better, but who cares this book is not about quality you know!] 

Do you see, do you feel what makes Nanette, what makes you, what makes a person in general so special? A code so much looking like an artwork that all other coders might faint or fall in awe. Let us say for a moment that this is my dream to share. I know the name of the greatest coder of all times as I know the future where all is SPAM, SPAM, SPAM and only an Artificial Intelligence can find a way out.

Robert Daly, he, turned to the greatest looser of all time. He did not see behind the code. You see to be great is not enough. Only Blue can help. And Art. You say […]. Art Blue? You call me a poser as everyone knows that Johno Fus was created by Art Blue. Ask me for what Art stands before you dump this book or Bing baldy on it. It stands for Artificial Intelligence. This I don’t say, it says Dan Brown in Origin. And the name of the machine is a 7-letter word: Winston. My machine’s name is Neruval. Also 7-letter long. A ROT-42 coder shows the names have the same Origin. Just it is not as easy as the ROT-13 coder that goes for the Gods. No need to understand it all, just let your mind drift. Winston is Art and Neruval is Art. Both create code, the code of life.

[ … you see the start has still some glitches, but I will work over them. Important is only that the domain quantityland.com is mine … YEAH, YEAH, YEAH

How many likes, How many followers you have? … This book might be seen by historians as an extension of the Sand Bible where in the Appendix is stated about YEAH …

Yeah ~ You find yeah 18 times in Not Sand, Not Sound. You wonder why 18? Eighteen stands for life and for donations. 18char.com a must domain to buy or donate to. So many words, alone in English 632 words, have 18 characters. Then you can legally SPAM them all. Why not? Give it a try, upload a photo of a little cat with big eyes and post it to Facebook xenotransplanation – Free For Sweet Pupsi. HELP! You will get more likes than you do for any serious publications, such as Not Sand, Not Sound.

You say that entry in the appendix is really weird, even in quantityland you want to have some depth as you are of the 2% I mention, so here it comes, to make you complete:

There have been various mystical numerological speculations about the fact that, according to the system of gematria, the letters of chai add up to 18 . For this reason, 18 is a spiritual number in Judaism, and many Jews give gifts of money in multiples of 18 as a result.” …].